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In the course of my  academic and Foreign Service careers, and my work with NGOs, I have had the opportunity to share my expertise and experience, working with reporters, bookers, producers and hosts from media outlets -- print, television and radio -- all around the world. 

The adjoining graphic provides some recent examples.


I am sensitive to your needs and prepared to assist you to the best of my ability to meet your requirements and deadlines.


Please initiate contact by email. I promise a quick response.




International issues:

Diplomacy, conflict resolution, mediation, peace building, ethics, nuclear weapons and arms control, European security, American foreign policy




Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Russia, Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), Turkey, Cyprus and the Mideast.

Domestic issues:

Need for greater political bipartisanship and compromise, foreign policymaking, and the current state of American higher education.


NK 2023.png
Aljazeera Op-Ed on Nagorno-Karabakh
Carey Cavanaugh Iran missile attack
Carey Cavanaugh on Voice of America Armenian Service
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