Must "America first" mean "America alone?"  How can we achieve the optimal mix of soft and hard power to advance American interests? Under President Trump, diplomatic engagement remains problematic. Effective foreign policy cannot be conducted over Twitter.


The President's foreign policy tool kit must be equipped to effectively meet today's challenges.  These include growing competition from China and Russia, checking the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran, and deciding when, how, and where best to use American military power. 


I am available to offer an insightful presentation for your association, civic, university or corporate group on these and other cutting-edge topics.  I have deep professional experience working around the globe as a diplomat, peacemaker, and educator and can tap that to provide a lively review of pressing foreign policy issues. 


My decision not to work via a speakers bureau is deliberate.  While it places a greater logistical burden on me, I believe dealing directly with hosts allows me to offer greater value and more attention to your specific interests, needs, and expectations. This personal engagement leads to a quality, successful event.


I am an avid public speaker, comfortable in settings small, medium, or large.  I am available for seminars, dinners, conferences and retreats in the United States and overseas (before the COVID-19 quarantines and travel complications, I was almost in Europe every 2-3 months, most typically in London and Brussels). 


Recent speaking themes include:


Radioactive Relations: America and Russia Edge toward

        a New Nuclear Arms Race


The Dangerous South Caucasus Powder Keg


Peace Mediation -- A Practitioner's Perspective

See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak to Evil: The Case for

       Diplomatic Engagement

Preparing for Careers in International Affairs



Please send information about your organization, dates, location, event type (and any additional desired activities), audience, preferred topic, and budget.